Comfort makes the difference

The days are long, the workload is high – in the intensive use of machines such as tractors, telescopic handlers, construction machinery and forklift trucks, seating comfort for the driver is the key to an ergonomic and safe workplace.

Developed in a practical manner by knowledgeable experts and competent partners from the industry, our seats meet the highest quality standards. High-quality materials from Germany and technical components from leading global manufacturers ensure the best seating comfort.

We also place equally high demands on the price-performance ratio of our PROBOSS seats as we do on ergonomics and quality. That’s why we offer seats in various designs and price categories that correspond to the latest state of the art and can be selected to suit the individual requirements of the driver and machine.

The new PROBOSS range kicks off with three seats with air suspension that make even our basic models feel like high-end seats.
The ergonomic seat and back shell as well as the upholstery equipped with climate channels guarantee optimum sitting comfort even during long assignments. The built-in intervertebral disc support promotes healthy sitting and the noble design with thoughtful details and a high-quality fabric cover enhances every cabin.
The new PROBOSS seats are suitable for small and medium-sized vehicles.

The range will be successively expanded by further premium models in the coming months and will be offered exclusively via the specialised trade. We wish you every success with this.

Individual comfort

The needs of the driver are the focus of the seats from PROBOSS. The adjustable lumbar support, the fine backrest adjustment and the optional adjustable armrests ensure fatigue-free work. Thanks to the high-quality cover fabrics made in Germany, we guarantee that the upholstery will stand the test of time.

Larger rollers

Thanks to larger rollers and despite their compact design, all PROBOSS seats have a smooth-running suspension system and are extremely robust at the same time. Our rollers are less sensitive to dust and dirt, and therefore achieve a significantly longer service life.

High-quality components

For maximum vibration comfort we opted for components from leading German and European manufacturers. This is how we guarantee the highest quality standards and functionality of all PROBOSS seats.

Compact height

All PROBOSS seats have an extremely compact overall height and a very low Seat Index Point (SIP). Despite their low height, all PROBOSS seats offer excellent vibration comfort.

Low-frequency suspension

With their innovative low-frequency suspension PROBOSS seats offer maximum comfort, reducing harmful vibrations and preventing the seats from rocking during field work.


The PROBOSS seats are compatible and can be installed with the following seats: LS95H1/90A(R),
MSG95G/721 to 741,
MSG95GL/721 to 741,
MSG95A/721 to 741 and
MSG95AL/721 to 741.